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KEEN Waimea H2 Jet Black Scuba Blue Sandals


If you looking to purchase this legendary Waimea H2 sandal then look no further. We suggest you buy this in jet black scuba blue color from our recommended retailer who will entertain you with the best of its services.



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Style Reviews


Tammy from Ohio

I have had a pair of these for over a year now, worn a lot for all casual uses, including walking or poolside. They dry fast. They are still looking good and still supportive. Love the big toe covering, much better walking shoe than most flip flops I. have weak ankles, and flat arches. These shoes feel great. I did have to cover the toe strap with silicon, it had a rough edge, that rubbed between my toes. Now they are perfect.

Born again flip flop wearer. from Vermont

Because there is still snow on the ground I am currently wearing my flip flops inside. Once it is a bit warmer I'll be wearing them inside and out. Love the toe guard, not only does it protect your big toes, but it hides them! This is a plus for those of us who have ugly toes!

Skymaster from Hilo

In many parts of Hawaii, one needs water resistant shoes. Waimea H2's are perfect. H2's are not only attractive, they have arch support, protect my toes, and they stay on my feet. Most other ordinary thong type sandals can be easily slipped out of when your feet get sweaty or wet, which can be hazardous.

Patti from new jersey

I wear them everyday as soon as it's flip flop season. Big toe protection so you'll never stub that big one again. Great footbed and they never loose that total comfort feeling.

Sarah from Northeast Ohio

I first ordered a 7.5 (my true size), which was too small and the straps really dug into my arches. So, I went with the 8, which was much better. At first the straps still dug in to my arch (not nearly as bad as the 7.5), but after about 3 wears they were broken in. Now, they are the only flip flop I wear. The arch support really makes a difference for me since I have a high arch.

Pat the Realtor from Las Vegas, Nv

It fit well but I had a problem with the strap going over the instep. It chafed constantly and I love the sandal but I had to wear a band aid over that part. It will require softening from wear I suppose. But I have other repairs of these sandals and I had to break them all in. I get constant comment on how comfortable and great they look. I have diabetes. I love to wear sandals which is a no no with this disease because of the potential for toe injuries. With these shoes, the only ones I found like this, I can wear the tongs and protect my toes. For that purpose its awesome!

RuthSzuf from Rockville, MD

I bought these with the intention to wear them out and about all summer long when I'm not working. I killed my feet waitressing for years and I have to have supportive shoes (read: $3 flip flops don't cut it). These are even more comfortable than I expected. Worth every cent in imo. I wore them for several hours working yesterday and they really went the distance.


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