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KEEN Waimea H2 Raya White Sandals


If you looking to purchase this legendary Waimea H2 sandal then look no further. We suggest you buy this in raya white color from our recommended retailer who will entertain you with the best of its services.



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Style Reviews


Suzi from New York NY

These shoes are supportive and at the end of the day my foot feels fine. I recommend them , but the little thingy between the toes took a little breaking time, and i wear 81/2 but took these in an 8. the next size up was very wide.

Greatfriend07 from Sammamish, WA

These are my 'go-to' sandals of the summer. They are comfortable right out of the box...no blisters, or time to 'break them in'. They are true to size, and so comfortable, with the right about of arch support. --not completely flat like some other flip flops. They dry instantly, so go ahead and get them wet! At least once/day someone stops and asks me about them--very cute!

Julie from Hampton, VA

I just got these today, opened them up, slipped them on and sha-zammmmm!!! They are some of the most comfortable sandals I have EVER worn. Great with my big ol' nasty bunion too! They provide great support in the heel cup and arch. The toe cover is not at all uncomfortable (I was wondering about the comfort due to something pressing on my big toe) and gives that protective feeling you normally do not have wearing flip-flops. I wanted these as I am going to the islands and wanted something waterproof, comfortable, spongy to walk on, colorful and that will go with anything and everything. These sandals fit the bill! I am so happy with my first Keen's!

L.A. teacher from Pasadena, CA

I'm on my second pair of these specific sandals because they are so great!! I work on a campus with wheelchair bound students, so the toe protection is most important. These sandals are comfortable, durable, and practical. I just love them. Once they mold to your foot, you will wear them everywhere!

Joanee from Chico, CA

This is my very first pair of Keen's. They are so adorable and I've received lots of compliments!. It took about a day or two to break them in. They are much sturdier that any thong I've ever bought before and I would most definitely purchase again. Love them!

Sally from Salt Lake City

I am not sure that I could live without a pair of Keen slip-ons. I wear them to teach in, to walk in, to garden in, to go out in. If I could, I would never take them off. And, I can throw them in the washing machine whenever they are dirty. I have talked many-a-friend into buying a pair. You should, too.

Artist from Little Rock, AR

have every color of this sandal style ever made, but had been waiting for a reason to buy another pair. The time came when the Waimea H2 came out! Specifically... I hesitated to wear my other pairs, made out of suede and leather, anywhere near water or moisture. The additional benefit of the use of recycled rice bags as a design element made the purchase even more satisfactory. I couldn't be happier!


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